This was an afternoon wedding and was gorgeous

Many of the weddings are held on the lawn, decorated with all white chairs draped in white bows, ribbons, and flowers, Handmade Beadings and Appliques Elegant Flaps A Line Skirt Mother Dress lining the walkway for the bride. One particular wedding had a red and white theme, a red carpet, white chairs and the bridal attendants dressed in red. This was an afternoon wedding and was gorgeous. At Alhambra Hall, the reception may be held either outside or in the fellowship hall area. This building was remodeled after Hurricane Hugo and it is a beautiful, romantic setting for receptions, weddings, and family reunions. Book it early it usually has a long waiting list! Magnolia Gardens Magnolia Plantation and Gardens is another dramatic place to hold a wedding, Wedding Dresses Wedding Dresses especially during the spring time when the gardens are in full bloom. There is a beautiful white bridge serving as a backdrop that makes a gorgeous site, also, a gazebo. Since the trend in Charleston is to host a wedding outside near the gardens, Magnolia Plantation is definitely a romantic place to make the special, romantic times of a wedding spectacular. Park locations including the Waterfront Park, located in downtown Charleston, White Point Gardens, Hampton Park, and Washington Park. Waterfront Park provides the scenery of the harbor, and deep in the horizon a view of the new bridge previously mentioned. The other parks have breathtaking views serving as a mesmerizing backdrop, Chiffon Strapless Sweetheart Neckline Rouched Bodice Appliqued Empire High Waistline Full Length Mother Dress so any of the parks in Charleston, especially during the spring time, can make a beautiful wedding.
Par aa123 le lundi 27 juin 2011


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