You may be sick of those boring Mother of the Bride jacket dresses

Here are the top trends in Mother of the Bride Dresses that give us hope. wedding dress Bright Colors. It used to be that Mother of the Bride dress only came in four colors blah, boring, beige, and blech. Pastels and navy blue are only part of the selection nowadays! Finally, the industry is starting to show a spectrum of different colors, from spring greens to royal purples. Whether you love bold jewel tones or lean towards rich earth tones, there will be something out there for you. Since more saturated colors are better for aging, pale skin tones, liven up your look by choosing a color with some pizzazz. Bolero Jackets. You may be sick of those boring Mother of the Bride jacket dresses, Zipper plus Buttons Designs 2011 New Bridal Wedding Gown but the good news is there’s finally a fresh new take on them. Designers have addressed the need for a removable jacket to cover the arms that is also very fashionable. The bolero jacket, with different sleeve lengths, is in. It’s elegant and practical. Take it off when you’re hot, and you will still have a great dress underneath. Wear it to cover up during the ceremony- no one will guess you’re trying to cover those wobbly chicken wings under your arms. Tiered Dresses and Skirts. Tiered skirts are showing up in stores this season and are especially appropriate for formal wear for the over-4 set. Square Neckline Bridesmaid Dress They’re modern and feminine and can be very flattering if they are not too frilly. Try one before you buy, and make sure it suits your body.
Par aa123 le samedi 02 juillet 2011


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