few years back I discovered hand spun and hand dyed yarns

When I was a child, my mother would give me odds and ends from her knitting projects, and I’d make do with these yarn remnants just so long as I had yarn. wedding dress I think back now to my early knitting days the sweaters, scarves and mittens knitted together with a mixture of yarn types in a multitude of colors. It never bothered me that I had to use whatever I could get my hands on but as I grew up I could afford to buy my own balls and shanks of yarn, and I would finally knit something that someone else, apart from me, would wear. A few years back I discovered hand spun and hand dyed yarns. It was love at first sight. Using these beautiful yarns brought so much enjoyment. I would scour every local yarn store and yarn festival looking for rare and unusual yarns. Without really realizing it, I was only using these exotic hand dyed yarns. Chapel Tran Designs 2011 New Wedding Dress I would dismiss yarns that I had used years before as being well, rather boring and ‘commercial’. In all honesty I’d turned into a yarn snob. The wake up call when I was asked to crochet slippers for a friend of a friend’s wedding. The bride’s dress was pure white, and none of the natural fibers I found were ‘white enough’. With the sound of wedding bells rapidly approaching I sought, in desperation, a yarn to match. I scurried down to my local yarn store and it was there that it was suggested to me that I try a Sridhar yarn called ‘Snuggly Bubbly’. I didn’t really know very much about Sridhar yarn, Spaghetti Bridesmaid Dress but I learned that the company is English and has been producing yarn for eons.
Par aa123 le samedi 02 juillet 2011


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